Your Intercession Questions Answered

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by Lee Ann Rubsam

Your Intercession Questions Answered

The ministry of intercession is often not well understood in the modern-day Church. Consequently, we have people who pray well and hear valuable information from the Lord, but sometimes have nowhere to turn when questions about their prayer experiences arise.

In Your Intercession Questions Answered, Lee Ann Rubsam tackles questions intercessors and their pastors commonly have, from basic terminology to more complex issues they face as they walk out the ministry of prayer -- questions such as:

-- How to "flow with the Spirit"
-- How to keep from burning out
-- What kind of supernatural experiences are normal in the course of prayer
-- How to know when you have "prayed through"
-- What to do to avoid word curses and witchcraft prayer
-- Why there are tensions between you and your pastor (and how to fix or avoid them)
-- How to handle spiritual warfare wisely
-- And many more.

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Genres: Christian, Inspirational, Non-Fiction, Religious

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Pages: 84


ISBN(10): 1522821031

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