All-Surpassing Peace in a Shaking World

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by Lee Ann Rubsam

All-Surpassing Peace in a Shaking World

All of us long for peace: world peace, peace in our relationships, and most importantly, inner peace. Why is peace so elusive, even for those of us who are Christians? How do we manage to achieve true peace -- and then hang onto it?

In All-Surpassing Peace in a Shaking World, Lee Ann Rubsam explains why peace is the covenant right of every child of God and how to access it. She shares practical keys from Scripture and personal experience to help you enter into a greater peace than you have known before.


~ How to enter into the covenant of peace with God
~ What obstacles stand in the way of peace and how to overcome them
~ How to have peace govern and guide your life
~ How to be God's agent of peace to others
~ Ways to maintain or restore your peace in times of turmoil

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Genres: Christian, Inspirational, Religious, Self Help, Spirituality

Google Category: Media > Books > Non-Fiction > Religion Books

Pages: 86

ASIN: B01N3941J1

ISBN(10): 1542843669

Sales Rank: 1206190

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