State Sponsored Terror

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by David Carter

State Sponsored Terror

In a small Hampshire town teenager Adam Goodchild witnesses his mother’s brutal murder, shot dead by security police in the back garden of their cute cottage, an event that will one day return to haunt the government itself.

Adam goes on the run and discovers he isn’t alone, for there’s a whole underclass of malcontents out there with similar stories to tell.
“State Sponsored Terror” charts the course of Britain in the near future. There’s a new government in power, led by a charismatic leader who can do no wrong, winning election landslides, brought to power on the back of populist policies, savvy social media, and fake news.
This book is a political thriller set in Britain in the near future. A disturbing page-turning novel that will keep you interested to the very end.

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Genres: Dark, Detective, Mystery, Post Apocalyptic, Suspense, Thriller

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Mystery Novels

Pages: 422


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